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What is Biomagnetism and Bioenergetic programming?

The use of magnets applied to the body, under a precise method, restores the neutral PH level of the internal organs in a matter of minutes and since no microorganism can thrive in such an environment, a true healing experience can be achieved. It is hard to believe all the benefit we can achieve when we are biomagnetically in balance, this will also be related with our decision making, relations and emotional health. It is also ideal for couples, since it solves emotional and behavioral patterns that commonly affect them when the body is out of energy balance.

Benefits of Biomagnetism


It is compatible with any other form of alternative therapy and can also be used simultaneously with traditional allopathic treatments

The body will lead you in understanding what is needed

This therapy shows that by applying magnets of a certain strength and polarity to specific points of the body, it is possible to exterminate in a short time period, viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites, which are the normally the true (direct or underlying) cause of most serious diseases and unwanted behave patterns in human beings


This type of therapy discovered that the positive pole (+) activates, promotes and strengthens the biological processes of the body, is energizing, vitalizing and provides energy.


The negative pole (-) of the magnet is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, relaxing and stops harmful processes for the body and is mainly indicated to calm or suppress pain.

Works at a distance (proxy sessions)

you can help people who are far from you. This is more important today than ever before. In beginner levels you can take advantage of a face-to-face client here to help someone located at the distance. In advanced levels you can help clients distant from you without requiring someone in person.

Is inclusive

We serve people, but we can also use biomagnetism with their most esteemed animals


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